AAB Showcase

30 Days Exposure

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Every category participant (9 per category) are guaranteed to be included in the Winners Annual - you can’t be excluded.

The AAB Showcase Awards are an online creative competition including both clients and agency members to select the work they feel deserves to win the AAB Star Award.

There are 9 entries to choose from in each competition, and each category starts at the beginning of a month, and ends at the end.

During these 30 days we contact our network of participating client judges and agency judges to encourage them to review the category.

On average, around 500 marketing judges review the work and vote.

30 days of marketing judges reviewing your work online

American Ad Books

Your exposure does not end at 30 days.

Your work is guaranteed to be published in the Winners Annual. This annual is available in PDF form to over 1,800 judges with active links to your home page.

The Winners Annual is also made available to our over 11,000 marketing and advertising contacts through Linked In, and thousands more indirectly through our group affiliations on social media.

The annual is also available in print form from our publisher.

Accepting only 9 entries in

10 categories - Call to action!


Once we receive your order, we will contact you to select your category and review next steps.


Branding/Logo Design

Poster - Vertical

Package Design

Agency Home Page Design

Tradeshow Booth Design

Outdoor Billboards - Horizontal

Web Design

:30 Television


If you are a “Top 10 Agency,” you may enter for free here:  ENTER