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Direct Prospect Connect

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Every category participant (9 per category) are guaranteed to be included in the Winners Annual - you can’t be excluded.

We want your work and your case study to be seen by the people who matter to you.

In order to do this, we ask you to name a city, and we will approach members of the marketing industry in that city and specifically ask them to review your work.

If you have an existing prospect list, we will use your list. If you have a list of companies but not individuals, we will use Linked In to search for your target’s marketing team, and we will contact them.

Client prospects of your choice asked to review your work.

American Ad Books

Our advantage is your advantage.

Most client prospects do not take cold calls from agencies they do not know.

But they do connect with a national creative award show. We have over 11,000 1st connections, and over 122,000 2nd marketing connections to date.

This fact works to your advantage. As a 3rd party, when we ask your prospects to review your work, they do. And if your creative work matches their need, they contact you.

How it works:

Accepting only 9 entries in

10 categories - Call to action!


Once we receive your order, we will contact you to select your category and review next steps.


Branding/Logo Design

Poster - Vertical

Package Design

Agency Home Page Design

Tradeshow Booth Design

Outdoor Billboards - Horizontal

Web Design

:30 Television

We charge all entrants for Direct Prospect Connect based on the outreach you ask us to do on your behalf

Use this chart to decide your level of participation:


We contact 25 client prospects/marketing managers


We contact 50 client prospects/marketing managers


We contact 75 client prospects/marketing managers


We contact 100 client prospects/marketing managers

You may choose any number up to 400, at which point there is not enough time in the judging period to contact more prospects.

We supply you with a list of your clients/fans

Voting is anonymous, so we can’t give you the names of clients or their companies. But we can give you a list similar to the one below: (Actual list from a recent report)

Each line represents a client who selected your work as #1. These prospects are now prime candidates.

We represent your offer to your fans.

You may make any opening offer you wish. Our expectation is that you would agree to offer a project discount of from 10% to 50% – your choice.

If the client agrees to go to the next step and talk with you directly, we get out of the way, and the rest is up to you.

No additional fees.

Our goal is to help you with your success, to help you win new business, and to get your best work seen.

Our greatest reward would be for you to enter another piece of your work in a future competition.

Your next step:

In order to use Direct Prospect Connect you need to first have your work scheduled for 1 of our 10 categories during 2018. Use the “Buy Now” button below to enter your work.


If you are a “Top 10 Agency,” you may enter for free here:  ENTER