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Like the Academy Awards, we ask all the members of our community to help select our winners.

What we deliver to our individual judges:

What we deliver to agencies who enter work:





A chance to have a say in who wins the AAB Star

Your name included in the Winners Annual list of judges

A chance to win your own AAB Star as a top judge

Guarantee that your work will be seen for 30 days by our judges





Guarantee that your work will be

included in the Winners Annual

Opportunity to select client prospects to be introduced to your work

A chance to win an AAB Star by winning the votes of your peers

What we deliver to clients who judge:

Exposure to top creative you

have never seen before

Case studies describing how the solution impacted the client’s bottom line

Contact information, links to agency websites and portfolios

A chance to help select the

winner of the AAB Star

Over 1,400 judges have helped select our category winners. Those with the most stars “know creative.”

Hundreds of CEOs, CMOs and brand managers have reviewed and voted in the AAB Showcase to date.

Clients can access case study information, agency websites and portfolios from the voting form.

“It’s symbiotic. Clients win. Agencies win.

This is the way advertising creative shows should be.”  

– Greg Clow, Director

AAB Showcase is new and different, and I'd like to share more with you about how clients and agencies benefit.

More to the story...

AAB Showcase runs a crowd-sourced advertising creative competition. My hope is that you will share our goal, be enthusiastic about the process, and become one of our judges.

Crowd-Sourced Judging

Over 1,400 members of the marketing, advertising, design and web industry in the US are currently involved, and as a judge you get to review some of the best creative work you have never seen.

Why haven't you seen it? Because the standard award shows are dominated by large, wealthy, multi-national agencies who can afford to pay multiple entry fees and flood the categories. Smaller agencies have largely chosen not to compete, or have a significantly smaller chance to get their work seen.

The best work you’ve never seen.

The large agencies don’t need extra exposure. We accept showcase entries from firms listed as less than 200 employees, but which are mostly under 50. These agencies are headed by top creative talent who have left the mega-agencies to create solutions which are outstanding, and which deserve to be seen.

We champion small, creative agencies.

Our judges are like you - agency and marketing folks who are immersed in advertising every day, and instinctively know what is new, innovative, creative and strong. You immediately know, "Wow! That’s great!"

But for small agencies, importantly, our marketing judges are also prospective clients, brand managers and CMOs. These judges know what works for their customers, and they are looking for the next great creative agency to propel their brand to greater heights.

Our goal: Get the work seen.

Agencies and clients discover new sources for creative solutions, and see previously unseen creative - a perfect symbiotic relationship. That's the way creative awards should be. And I'd like you to join us as a judge.

Everyone wins.

We respect your time, so we have streamlined the voting process. We review just 1 category a month, and that category consists of just 9 finalists. The online voting form is fast - timed at 4 to 6 minutes.

This means you get to see top creative work from across the country in short, manageable chunks - and you get to vote on which piece you feel is strongest.

Voting is streamlined.

A nice reward for you.

Our Winners Annual is published at the end of the season. As a judge, your name is included in our AAB Showcase judge's section and we deliver to you a free PDF copy. The Winners Annual includes all our creative categories, all the creative work, and includes background stories and links. A print version is available for your coffee table as well.

Make sure you get a chance to vote. This same link will always point to the latest collection of creative. Don’t miss a single category!

Please vote!


Greg Clow | Director | AAB Showcase Awards

The way creative competition should be.

The Winners Annual includes all of our creative categories, all the creative work, including background stories and links.





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