AAB Showcase is a nationwide online awards competition which guarantees agencies get judged by 100s of creatives nationwide and closely reviewed by 100s of business prospects as well.
The AAB system then provides an immediate – no middleman – way to connect client with agency.

Judges access the voting template online. They are given a quick view of 9 pieces in 1 category. If they want background on a specific piece, a link is provided for further information.

Each judge has a single first place vote. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are determined by the number of first place votes.

Judges self-select whether they are “marketing” or “agency,” and results are split out to indicate whether there was universal appeal.

The winner is decided by the total of all votes cast. Web links remain active on results pages and in the Winners annual.

Judges and participants are contacted directly to notify them of the results, and when the next AAB Showcase category is available for review.

What AAB Showcase does.

How does judging work?

At the end of a complete 8 category judging cycle, the creative work from each category is published, along with results, web links, contact information, and the “Story Behind This Piece.”

Judges are credited in the book with their rankings, and thanked.

All judges, along with social media throughout the industry, are supplied with links to the digital compilation, which provide additional exposure.

The printed version, containing all work from every participant and all background stories is published.

Importantly, each participant, no matter what the final vote total, is given a half page or a full page in the Winners Annual.

The Winners Annual

Within the judging template, agencies and creatives are given a Case Study page where they provide background to their challenge, and describe how their work succeeded.

Clicks on this button are counted and reported to entrants. Interested clients take this first step toward contacting the agency.

Case Study page: “The Story Behind...”

At the bottom of each “Story” on the Case Study page is a link to the agency’s website.

An agency may choose to point this to a unique landing page, their portfolio or contact page, or the default agency Home Page.

Clicks for this button are recorded and delivered to each participating agency.

Agency Web Site Link

8 creative marketing categories are judged. Each category follows the last, and then returns to the beginning category to start again.

Each participating agency or design shop selects their best work from their professional portfolios.

The work does not have to be from the last 12 months, but must be in their online portfolio.



Print Advertising


Web Design






AAB Showcase

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AAB Judges are members of the marketing community, both agency and client. 100s of industry professionals participate, and most are CEOs, CMOs, marketing managers, creative directors and agency heads.

Who are the AAB Judges?


There are 3 Tiers to choose from: The 3rd Tier is $49.99 to enter, the 2nd Tier is $99.99, and the 1st Tier is $199.99. You may select the benefits which best promotes your work. The 1st Tier historically receives the highest response.

For more information on metrics and the value of your entry, please visit the link below.

Each category is judged by 500 guaranteed marketing professionals, both client and agency. Once this number is reached, that category closes and the next begins.

Each category has 9 entrants from 9 different agencies. That means that if an agency misses one round, they are eligible to be entered in the next round.



Starting at just

Agencies want access to marketing managers –

but their phone calls go unreturned.

Marketing managers want effective and creative marketing solutions – but they want to be in control of how and when they connect.

AAB Showcase is the solution.

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