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The AAB Showcase Awards are judged by members of the marketing community, including brand managers, CMOs, CEOs, creative directors and agency heads.

Amanda D., Account Director

Blair T., Account Director

Thomas W., Account Manager

Marjorie F., Advertising Recruiter/Career & Life Coach

David S., Advertising Strategist

Jesus A., Art Director

Mike P., Artist / Writer / Creator

Luis E., Associate Creative Director

Zack W., Associate Creative Director

Monica H., Board of Directors

Timur T., Brand Asset Manager

Sam R., Business Development / Marketing Manager

Stephen L., CCO

Rob B., CEO / Managing Principal

Tripp W., Chief Marketing Officer/ECD

Steven W., Co-Founder / CMO

Tom K., Consultant

John T., Contributor/Founder

Andrea C., Copywriter

Chase Z., Copywriter

Laurent B., Creative Director

Corbet C., Creative Director

Vince E., Creative Director

Kim F., Creative Director

Steve K., Creative Director

Kevin M., Creative Director

Kimberly J. S., Creative Director

Miles T., Creative Director

Bo G., Creative Director

Tony G., Creative Director / Principal

Steve G., Creative Director, Copywriter

Danny L., Creative Marketing Manager

Javier B., Digital Delivery Lead

Deirdre K., Digital Marketing Account Manager

Guy B., Director Business Development

Paul E., Director of Agency Services

Adam P., Director of Brand Strategy and Planning

Nicole B., Director of Communications

Patti P., Director of Sales and Marketing

Susan K., Director, Strategic Consulting

Nita D., Executive Administrator / Creative Director

Scott S., Executive Director

Nina Noelle S., Founder / Photographer

Billy M., Founder / President

David Antonio M., Founder/ Creative Director

Greg H., Group Creative Director and Principal

John B., Instructor

John P., Manager Marketing and Media

Erin G., Marketing and Communications Manager

AnnMarie B., Marketing Consultant

Margaret A., Business Development Manager

Beth A., Co-Founder / CEO

Janelle A., Copywriter

Chamsseddine A., Copywriter

Will A., Digital Media Strategist

Kellie A., Director

Michael A., Head Buyer

David A., Independent Creative Director/Copywriter

Jessie A., Jessie Arnold Design

James A., Owner

Rhea A., President / CEO

Andrea A., Search Marketing Manager

Lare A., Vice President / Executive Creative Director

Harpreet A., Not Stated

Leslie B., Account Executive

Erica B., Account Supervisor

Jennifer B., Chief Marketing and Business Development

Michael B., CMO | Chief Marketing Officer | Business Development Consultant

Julie B., Creative Director, Copywriter

Jimmy B., Creative Group Head/Art Director

Nancy B., Creative Marketing Manager

Jim B., Development Executive

Nick B., Director, Account Services

Eric B., Director, Homewood Arts Programs

Ryan B., Editor-in-Chief

Brent B., Executive Creative Director

Oksana B., Founder

William E. B., Founder / Managing Partner

Chris B., Marketing / Sales and PR

Lisa B., Marketing Manager

Justin B., Marketing Manager

Karrie B., Marketing Manager

LaChelle B., Owner

Rich B., Owner / Creative Director

Hank B., President / Chief Customer Officer

Zach B., President & Creative Director

Paul B., Principal

Michael B., Principal, Account Director

Brent B., Senior Director of Marketing

Jennifer B., Senior Manager

Ian B., Senior Marketing Manager

Emily B., Senior Technical Project Manager

Kevin B., SEO Expert

Laura B., VP Marketing

Dynise B., Writer :: Creative Director

Elizabeth B., Not Stated

Keith B., Not Stated

Phillip B., Not Stated

Erica C., Account Executive

Sarah C., Account Manager

Kindel C., Administrative Assistant

Liz Wasson C., Associate / Marketing Coordinator

Melissa C., Business Development Executive

Kirk C., Co-CEO + Chief Storyteller

Mark C., Community Relations / Marketing Manager

Carlos C., Creative Director Principal

Jesse C., Digital Marketing Manager

Carson C., Director of Consumer Marketing

Henry C., Marketing Manager

David C., Mass Media Brand Advertising

Janis C., Not Stated

Cliff C., Owner

Paul C., President

Robb C., Senior Graphic Designer

Patrice C., Senior Manager / Marketing

Carala C., Senior Marketing Manager

Annie C., VP + Executive Creative Director

Michael C., Writer

Morgan C., Not Stated

Anna Lee D., Art Director

Janeale D., Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer D., CMO

Dino D., Co-Founder, Director of Strategy & Operations

Emily D., Commerce Development Analyst

Charles D., Creative Director

Todd D., Creative Director

Al D., Creative Director / Principal

Stacy D., Freelance Art Director

Simon D., Manager / Marketing and Communications

Paul D., New Architecture Development

Alan D., Not Stated

Michael D., Senior Consultant / North America

Michael D., Senior Director, Marketing & Interactive

Lucio D., Studio Manager

Ron E., Board Member

Shaun E., Brand Manager

Kristy E., Creative Director / Principal

Julia E., Managing Director

Mark E., National Client Strategist

Dave E., Owner / Chief Engineer

Bill E., Senior Art Director

Cassie E., Vice President / Advertising Creative Director

Sara E., Not Stated

Peter E., Not Stated

Scott F., Business Development

Rachael F., Business Unit Communication Lead

Elaine F., Contributing Writer

Simon F., Creative Director

Laurie Sinclair F., Creative Director

Luis F., Digital Creative Director

Keith F., Director, Corporate Partnerships

Heather F., Extreme Arts + Sciences

Shana F., Freelance Recipe Tester

Aaron F., Group Creative Director

Daniel F., Group Creative Director

Susan F., Marketing / Internet Manager

Sean F., Marketing Manager

Pat F., NA

Wendi F., Owner

Tom F., Principal

Greg F., Vice President / Corporate Partner Management

Allison F., Not Stated

Mike F., Not Stated

Sumer G., Campaign Manager, B2B Social Marketing

Michael G., CEO

Scott G., Chief Creative Officer

Glen G., Creative Director

Mike G., Creative Director

Kim G., Creative Director/Writer

Shellien G., Director of Public Affairs

Lisa G., District Manager

Todd G., Executive Creative Director

Javier G., Executive Creative Director

Eileen G., Marketing Director

Karen G., Owner

Eric G., Partner / Creative Director

Maureen G., Principal

Jerry G., Principal

Mary G., Senior Copywriter

Mark G., Storyboard Artist

Jeremi G., SVP, Group Account Director

Dennis G., Territory Manager

J.S. G., Writer / Video Production

Bryan G., Not Stated

George G., Not Stated

Jason H., ACD

Brianne H., Art Director

Andrea H., Brand Marketing Manager

David H., Business Intelligence Developer

Kent H., Chief Marketing Officer / Founder

Tom H., CMO / Vice President Marketing

Bradley H., Creative Director

Brad H., Creative Director

Paul H., Creative Director

Blake H., Creative Director

Patrick H., Creative Director


Brian H., Creative Director/Copywriter

Laurel H., Director of Creative Strategy

Lisa H., Director of Marketing

Mark H., eCommerce Strategist

Carrie H., Founder

Brian H., Interactive Services Manager

Chuck H., Marketing Brand Manager

Blair H., Marketing Channel Manager

Susie H., Marketing Communications

Matt H., Marketing Director

Jonah H., Marketing Manager

Karin H., Owner

Russell H., Owner

Charles H., Owner

Jeni Cantley H., Principal

Daron H., Product Marketing

Ryan H., Senior Creative

Jon H., Senior Vice President

Elysia H., Not Stated

Daysha H., Not Stated

John H., Not Stated

Milt H., Not Stated

Paul H., Not Stated

Todd H., Not Stated

Dion I., Email Marketing Manager

Aubrey I., Marketing Manager

Andrew J., Chief Marketing Officer

Michael J., Producer

Erik J., Not Stated

Matt K., Art Director

Harry K., Associate Creative Director/Copywriter

Barbara K., Brand and Direct Marketing

B.Chuck K., CEO

Laurie K., Consumer Campaigns Activation Manager, Americas Marketing Group

Richard K., Creative Director

Paul K., Creative Recruiter

Roy K., Director of Digital Marketing

Patrick Sean K., Executive Vice President / Creative

Valerie K., General Sales Manager

David K., Managing Editor

Vincent K., Marketing Communications Producer

Erin K., Marketing Director

Joe K., Marketing Manager

Steve K., Owner

Ken K., Owner

Dave K., Principal

Adnan K., Regional Marketing Manager

Rick K., Senior Art Director / Creative lead

Rachael K., Sr. Art Director


AAB Showcase


Charlie L., Co-Founder

Maribel L., Conference Chair

Mary Jo L., Creative Director

Gissel L., Freelance Copywriter

Benjamin L., Growth, Monetization & Conversion

Sandy L., Hostess and Proprietor

Preston L., Lead Senior UXUI Designer

Margaret L., Marketing Director

Lisa Kurvits L., Marketing Manager

Diego L., Media Supervisor

Laura L., New Business Development

Jon L., Principal

Kent L., Roundtable Member

Erin L., Shopper Marketing Manager

Daphne M., Account Coordinator

Philina M., Account Manager

Mike M., Advisor

Michael M., Animation Designer

Bonnie M., CEO / Founder

Lorraine M., Chairman Families Committee

Hope M., Co-Owner

Brett M., Creative Director

Karen M., Creative Director

Bryce M., Creative Director / Principal

Janet M., Director of Business Development

Keith M., Founder / CMO

Lori M., Founder + CEO

Sean M., Founder/CCO

Lianne M., Managing Director

Andrea M., Marketing Manager

Jeffrey M., Owner

Sakol M., Owner / Founder

Doug M., Partner and CFO

Brian M., Sales Manager

Ethan M., Senior Copywriter

Kathryn M., Senior Marketing Strategist

Stephanie M., Senior Producer

Stephanie M., Senior Producer

Stephen M., Shareholder

Baron M., Strategy and Research

Tracey M., Teacher

Bill M., Not Stated

Brian N., Associate Creative Director

Sitha N., Associate Creative Director

Beckett N., Copywriter

Brian N., Creative Group Head

Colleen N., Marketing and Creative Director

Jason N., Online Marketing Manager

Melissa N., President

Andrea N., Senior Marketing Manager

Ryan N., Not Stated

Peter O., Associative Creative Director

Jonathan O., Co-Founder, Managing Principal

Carlos O., Copywriter

Scott O., Creative Director

Meredith O., Founder

Jessan Dunn O., Founder / Owner

Dan O., Group Creative Director

James O., Marketing Director

Christopher P., Board Member

Jeff P., Chief Marketing Officer

Dave P., Creative Director

Ellen P., Creative Director

Michael P., Creative Director

Christie P., Curator / Founder

Amanda P., Manager

Shelley P., Media Director

Douglas P., Member

Megan P., National Partner Marketing Manager

Eleanor P., Not Stated

Vicki P., Owner

Nate P., Partner / VP of Brand Leadership

Brett P., Product Strategy / Creative Lead

Javier P., Senior Copywriter

Kimberly P., Senior Marketing Manager

Jennifer Q., CEO

Jocelyn Q., Not Stated

Lorri Q., Project Manager

Robin R., Account Director

Kate R., Advertising Marketing Manager

Brandon R., CMO and Partner

Ben R., Copywriter

Heather R., Creative Director

Hart R., Creative Director

Rocky R., Creative Director / Art

Richard R., Creative Director / Principal

Shiloh R., Customer Relationship

Jason R., Designer

Jonathan R., Digital Marketing Director

Mark R., Digital Marketing Manager

Rebecca R., Director

CJ R., Director of Holistic Digital Marketing

Rebekah R., Enterprise Account Executive

Morgan R., Human Resources Director

Nicholas R., Junior Art Director

Kaitlyn R., Marketing Assistant

Jake R., Marketing Manager

Tami R., Marketing Manager

Jeff R., President

Susann R., President / Creative Director

Julian R., President/Executive Creative Director

Jesse R., Search Strategist Lead

Carla S. R., Senior Project Manager

Michael R., Vice President

David R., VP Media Director

Tyler R., Not Stated

Angel S., Not Stated

Karie S., Account Director

Ryan S., Account Manager

Krissy S., Associate Director of User Experience

Erin S., Business Owner

Francis S., CD

Steve S., CD

Christopher S., Chief Marketing Officer

Chris S., Co-Owner / Creative Director

Knute S., Content Marketing Manager

Stacey S., Creative Director

Tom S., Creative Director

Paulo S., Creative Director

Wood S., Creative Director

Athena S., Creative Director

Kirsten S., Creative Director

Tony S., Creative Director

Jameson S., Creative Director, Business Development

Dan S., Creative Strategist

LA S., Director of Online Marketing

Mark S., Founder / CEO

Michael S., Founder / CEO

Nipa S., Founder / President

Samantha S., Founder & CMO

Patrick S., Freelance Senior Art Director / Creative Director

Dan S., General Manager

Julian S., Global Payment Design Innovation

Jason S., Graphic Assets Specialist

Ed S., Graphic Designer

Chuck S., Group Creative Director

Ryan S., Marketing and Advertising

Glenn S., Marketing Expressionist

Rukmani S., Marketing Manager

Nancy S., Marketing Manager

Brooks S., Marketing Manager

Lauren S., Not Stated

Lauren S., Not Stated

Joan S., Owner

Robert Rob S., Principal / Creative Director

Ashley S., Public Relations Supervisor

Bill S., Regional Director

Jason S., Senior Designer

Rob S., Senior Marketing Manager

Heather S., Senior Producer / Account Director

Bill S., Strategic Creative

Eduardo S., Not Stated

Tammy S., Not Stated

Bryan T., Art Director

Amit T., CEO / Founder

Daniel T., Co-Founder / CEO

David T., Copy Editor

Randy T., Founder / Creative Director

Rachel T., Founder / Executive Director

Heather T., Group Planning Director

Caitlin T., Manager of Account Services

Zachary T., Not Stated

Daniel T., Owner

Brad T., Principal

George T., Not Stated

Chris T., Not Stated

Riley T., Not Stated

Alexa U., Marketing Manager

Maria V., Affiliate Marketing Manager

Tom V., Chief Marketing Officer

Nathan V., Product Marketing Manager

Will W., Chief Marketer (formerly CMO Chief Marketing Officer at SteelBrick)

Carolin W., Creative Director

Scott W., Creative Director

Megan W., Director of Project Management

Brad W., Director of Social Media & Content Strategy

Pam W., Executive Recruiter

Peter W., Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Arthur W., Fund Caller

Derek W., Owner

Steve W., President

Trent W., Principal, Brand Management

Jason W., Sales Representive

Steve W., SVP / Group Creative Director

Kevin W., Not Stated

Wes Y., Creative Director

Gerry Y., Global Marketing / Communications

Yuszela Y., Not Stated

Jeremy Y., Not Stated

As a thank you for participating, our judges are credited in our Winners annual. All of our agency entries and the stories behind their work are included, along with contact information.

Paul B., Associate Creative Director

Corey B., Brand Manager

Adrienne M., CEO / Board Member

Jeffrey W., CEO / Co-Founder

Kevin H., Chief Operating Officer

Kelly C., Creative Director

Scott F., Creative Director

Gil Z., Creative Director

Thad T., Creative Director / Principal

Rudy V., Digital Business Consultant

Jay G., Executive Creative Director

Jefferson West R., Executive Creative Director

Greg C., Founder / CEO

Larry B., Market Leader

Max S., Marketing Manager

Monica B., Owner

Brian L., Senior Product Marketing Manager

Bill F., Vice Chairman

Dave S., Vice President / Executive Creative Director

Sylvia F., Vice President of Brand / Creative

These judges selected the winner correctly in 3 categories.

★★★ Three Star Judges

These judges selected the winner correctly in 2 categories.

★★ Two Star Judges

These judges selected the winner correctly in 1 category.

One Star Judges

Contributing Judges

Dr. Mariette K., Point Destiny International Television Program TBN-Africa

John A., Advertising Photographer

Nico A., commercial/film editor

Matt A., Consultant

Vanessa A., Copywriter

Zareh A., Creative Director

Dawn A., Creative Director

Al A., Creative Director / Principal

Troy A., Marketing consultant

Lisa A., Director of Brand and Communications

Todd A., Financial Manager

Anastasia A., Marketing Specialist

Stefanie A., Marketing Virtuoso

Caylee A., Not Stated

Sam A., Not Stated

william A., Not Stated

john A., Not Stated

Desty A., Not Stated

Alexander Ariola A., Not Stated

Vito A., Not Stated

Drew A., Principal / Creative Director

Mary A., Sales

Peter A., Senior Copywriter

Gustavo A., Senior Vice President Creative Director

Lauren A., Sourcing, Vendor Relations & Marketing Strategy

Elena A., Not Stated

Armando A., Not Stated

Jen A., Not Stated

Eddie A., Not Stated

Daniela A., Not Stated

Kathleen A., Not Stated

Lilia A., Not Stated

Liliana A., Not Stated

Ricardo A., Not Stated

Roberto A., Not Stated

Roberto2 A., Not Stated

Keisha A., Not Stated

Claudia A., Not Stated

Anna A., Not Stated

Cristina A., Not Stated

Taylor A., Not Stated

Armando A., Not Stated

Michele B., Account Director

David B., Account Director

Kristen B., Account Supervisor

Mark B., Associate Creative Director

Alan B., Board of Trustees

Stacy B., Business Builder/International Marketer

Alex B., Chief Creative and Marketing Officer

Adam B., Chief Marketing Officer

Drew B., Chief Marketing Officer

Beau B., Clinical Marketing Manager / Client Services

Hillary B., Co Founder

David B., Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer

Richard B., Co-Owner

Tammy B., Content Marketing Manager

Jessica B., Creative Director

Steve B., Creative Director

Jessica B., Creative Director

Jason B., Creative Director

Brian B., Creative Director

Derek B., Creative Lead

Chris B., Digital Marketing Manager

Kacie B., Director of Marketing

Mike B., Events Manager / Webinar Producer

Shari B., Founder

Kurt B., Founder / Creative Director

William B., Freelance Creative

Kate B., KB Consulting

Kay Williams B., Managing Partner

David B., Marketer In Chief

Larry B., Marketing Communications

Lauren B., Marketing Coordinator

Mark B., Marketing Manager

Carie B., Marketing Manager

Gigi B., Media Supervisor

Michael B., Not Stated

Lydia B., Not Stated

Nunya B., Not Stated

Courtney B., Not Stated

Robin B., Not Stated

Courtney B., Not Stated

Anne B., Not Stated

Maple B., Not Stated

Heather B., Not Stated

Noel B., Partner / Marketing Manager

Julie B., Photo Producer / Creative Sales

Eugene B., Photographer

Debra B., Not Stated

Jayne B., Not Stated

Patrick B., Principal

Jeremy B., production artist

Jay B., Senior Account Director

Kandace J. B., Senior Associate Marketing Manager, Strategic Growth Channels

Greg B., Senior Executive Creative Director

Charles B., Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Ella B., SVP, Group Management Director

TJ B., Territory Manager

Stephen B., Web Designer

Chris B., Web Editor

Benjamin B., Not Stated

Danuta B., Not Stated

Tom B., Not Stated

Ilene B., Not Stated

Sandra B., Not Stated

Colleen B., Not Stated

T B., Not Stated

Bianco B., Not Stated

Jose B., Not Stated

Deb B., Not Stated

Caroline B., Not Stated

Sarah B., Not Stated

Debbie B., Not Stated

Phil B., Not Stated

William B., Not Stated

Rose B., Not Stated

Melanie C., Account Manager

Travis C., Account Representative

Amy C., Artist Rep

Timothy C., Associate Creative Director

Darryl C., Associate Media Director

Allison C., Business Development - Digital Marketing

Tia C., Business Owner

Bill C., Cartoonist

Koby C., CEO

Jill C., Chief Marketing Officer

Amanda C., Chief Marketing Officer

Jim C., Co-Founder / Executive Creative Director

Ysabel C., Copywriter

Christopher C., Crawford BBQ Catering

Darryl C., Creative Director

Oscar C., Creative Director

Pablo C., Digital Creative Director

Jeff C., Digital Marketing Manager

Chelsea C., Digital Marketing Manager

Josh C., Director of Client Success

Brian C., Director of Marketing

Chad C., Director of Marketing / Founder

Ron C., Executive Creative Director

Aaron C., Founder

Jonathan C., Founder / CEO

Abby C., Founder / Creative Director

jac C., freelance creative director / art director

Adam C., Head of Global Omnichannel Marketing

Brian C., Information Developer

Silver C., Instructor

Jeff C., Manager / Global Marketing Operations

Brian C., Managing Director

James C., Marketing & Brand Strategist Consultant

Bob C., Marketing & Creative Specialist

Angela C., Marketing Manager

Alicia C., Marketing Manager

Lindsey C., Marketing Manager

Dawn C., National Channel Marketing Manager

Geoff C., Not Stated

Beth C., Not Stated

Dana C., Not Stated

Tyler C., Not Stated

manolo C., Not Stated

Ron C., Not Stated

Kimberlee C., Not Stated

Bryan C., Not Stated

David C., Not Stated

Mahee C., Not Stated

Peter C., Owner

Barbara C., Owner / Creative Director

Patricia C., Not Stated

Luann C., Not Stated

Nora C., Not Stated

Trapper C., President

Brenda C., Principal

Jeanette C., Principal / Owner

Aaron C., Senior Manager / Corporate Communications

Greg C., Vice President / Wealth Management

Judy C., Vice President Focused Service Marketing

Tiffany C., Not Stated

Alejandro C., Not Stated

Jose C., Not Stated

Ydali C., Not Stated

Bob C., Not Stated

Adrian C., Not Stated

Ken C., Not Stated

Johanna C., Not Stated

Brandon D., Account Service Director

Rhonda D., Advertising Professor

Linda D., Artist Representative

Lorena D., Brand Marketing Manager

Becky D., Business Consulting and Marketing

Freeman D., Business Owner

Matthew D., Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Neil D., CMO

Steve D., Co-Founder / Creative Director

Ashley D., Consulting/Social Media Manager/ Events

Tracy D., Copywriter

Chris D., Creative Director

Seamus D., Creative Director

Barb D., Creative Director / Consultant

Alex D., Director of Business Development

Nora D., Director of Business Development

Jo D., District Manager

Amy D., Executive Assistant

Deb D., Founder

Mark Dusk D., Founding Partner + CCO

Len D., Freelance Creative Director

Kwame D., Freelance Creative Director / Senior Copywriter / Content Specialist

Darrin D., Front End Developer

Margo D., Internal and Corporate Communications Consultant

Alexa D., Marketing Coordinator

Keith D., Not Stated

Katie D., Not Stated

Adam D., Not Stated

Henry D., Not Stated

Shelley D., Not Stated

Shando D., Owner

Didi D., Owner

Jon D., Owner

Anthony D., Not Stated

Tad D., Not Stated

Sandy D., Not Stated

Brett Marlo D., President/MFA Interior Architecture + Design

Ashley D., Project Manager

Ryan A. D., Sales & Marketing

Amanda D., Sales and Marketing Manager

Barry D., Senior Direct Response Copywriter

Lisa D., Still Photographer

George D., Vice President

Virginia D., Vice President

Megan D., Vice President / Marketing

Robert (Bob) D., Vice President of Marketing / Chief Marketing Officer

Rawlin D., Vice President of Operations

April D., Not Stated

Ashley D., Not Stated

Crystal D., Not Stated

Jody D., Not Stated

Shane D., Not Stated

Maricela D., Not Stated

Elizabeth D., Not Stated

Isaac D., Not Stated

Erin E., Business Development Manager / Creative Recruiter

Carla E., CMO

Alejandro E., Creative Director

Ken E., Creative Operations Director

Bruce E., Founder & Chief Creative Officer

kemp E., Not Stated

Erin E., Not Stated

George E., Owner

Helene E., Partner / CRM Marketing Manager

Luis E., President / CEO

Ted E., President / Creative Director

Ahmet E., Principal Engineer

John E., Senior Advisor

Nancy E., Vice President

Deniz E., VP of Product Marketing

Bonnie E., Not Stated

Norma E., Not Stated

Corey E., Not Stated

Julie F., Assistant Vice President

Dave F., Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Jonathan F., Creative Director

Alexander F., Creative Director

Christina F., Creative Director

Kim F., Creative Director / Principal

Shaun F., Director of Product Marketing

Ken F., Executive Creative Director

Fritz F., Executive Producer

Courtney F., Founder / Creator

Angela F., Founder/CMO

Nick F., Marketing Director

Andre F., Not Stated

dauz F., Not Stated

Frilles F., Not Stated

Cody F., Owner

Doug F., Owner

Jennifer F., Owner

Kelly F., Owner / Executive Producer

Matt F., President / Chief Creative Officer

Michele F., Professional Wine Judge

Ann F., Project Manager/Producer

Moises F., Not Stated

Pamela F., Not Stated

Kacie F., Not Stated

Hilary F., Not Stated

Katherine F., Not Stated

David G., CD

Mark G., CEO

Douglas G., CEO / Director of Design

Mark G., Co-Founder/Creative Director

robin G., co-owner

Lindsey G., Content Marketing Manager

Bev G., Contributing Editor, Food Writer, Photographer & Video Production

David J G., Creative Director

James G., Creative Director

Matt G., Creative Director

Michael G., Creative Director

H Alan G., Director - Mktg Initiatives

Nick G., Director of Marketing

Kathleen G., Ecommerce Testing and Insights Specialist

Brian G., Executive Creative Director

Pamela G., International Trade Specialist

James G., Managing Editor

Ryan G., Managing Partner

Sara G., Marketing & Social Media Manager

Brianna McClane G., Marketing Director

Melissa G., Marketing Manager

Addie G., Marketing Manager

Jennifer G., Marketing Manager

Monica G., Marketing Manager

Dana G., Media Planner

John G., NA

Marius G., Not Stated

Bonifacio G., Not Stated

Stacey G., Not Stated

Jayden G., Not Stated

Gillian G., Not Stated

Michael G., Not Stated

Brady G., Not Stated

Oksana G., PPC Marketing Manager

Nancy G., Principal/Business Marketing and Recruiting

Barbara G., Product Innovation and Marketing Strategy

Lauren G., Production Artist

Michelle G., Sales and Marketing Manager

Alicia G., Senior Content Marketing Manager

Kathryn G., Senior Integrated Producer

Joe G., Senior Strategist

Steve G., Senior Vice President

Rich G., Studio Manager

Mindy G., Traffic Manager

Heather G., Video Producer

Katie G., Not Stated

Sandra G., Not Stated

Elena G., Not Stated

Karen G., Not Stated

Bryan G., Not Stated

Diana G., Not Stated

Kelly G., Not Stated

Katie G., Not Stated

Rose G., Not Stated

Rodrigues G., Not Stated

Bailey H., Agent

Kate H., Associate Creative Director

Kimberly Peinado H., Board Member

Jihae H., Brand Marketing Manager

Deb H., Chief Creative Officer

Darren P. H., Chief Mobile Marketing Executive

Michael H., Co-Founder / Web Design

Daniel H., Copywriter

Les H., Creative Director

JOSE MANUEL H., Creative Director

Heather H., Director of Marketing

Jeff H., Executive Director

Danny H., Founder

Lauren H., Lead / Marketing Support

Adam H., Manager

Stephan H., Managing Director

Devin H., Marketing Director

Jeremy H., Marketing Manager

Mindy M. H., Mentor

Ryan H., Not Stated

Matt H., Not Stated

Elona H., Not Stated

Liz H., Not Stated

dakota H., Not Stated

Mike H., Not Stated

Jeff H., Owner

Calley Anne H., Owner

Dimitriy H., Owner

Chelsie H., Owner / President

Brianna H., Paid Search Marketing Manager

Jennifer H., Not Stated

Greg H., Not Stated

Tye H., President / Owner

Dennis H., President & CEO

Brenda H., President & COO

Shannon H., Product Marketing

Jared H., Program Manager

David H., Reviewer and Judge

Erin-Todd H., Senior Director of Product Management

Laleh H., Senior Manager / Content Marketing

Barbara H., CMO, Marketing/Branding Advisor

Andy H., Trusted Advisior

Stuart H., Vice President / Executive Council

Lindsey H., Vice President & Agency & Brand Dev.

Tiffny H., Not Stated

Berh H., Not Stated

Deborah H., Not Stated

Krystal H., Not Stated

Johnny H., Not Stated

Valeria H., Not Stated

Tonya H., Not Stated

Greg H., Not Stated

Thomas H., Not Stated

Samuel H., Not Stated

Idalhi H., Not Stated

Erin I., Not Stated

Jenni J., Account Director

Jeremy J., Art Director

David J., Chairman Board of Directors

Mike J., Chief Brand Architect

Scott J., Chief Technology Officer & VP of Marketing

Brent J., Community Relations Director

Ben J., Creative Director / Design

Lacey J., Creative Director / Principal

Jeffrey J., Creative Director, Copywriter

Jeffrey J., Creative Director, Copywriter

Ed J., Creative Director/Copywriter

Mitchell J., Design Studio Lead

Laura J., Digital Strategy & Marketing

Pat J., Founder / CEO

Shannon J., Head of Demand Generation

Terri Ann J., Marketing Project Manager

Brian J., Not Stated

darius J., Not Stated

Hugh J., Not Stated

Jeremy J., Not Stated

Jeffrey J., Owner

Sandra J., Not Stated

Ashley J., Not Stated

Melissa J., Not Stated

Linds J., Not Stated

Sondra J., Not Stated

Andrew J., Not Stated

Julie K., Account Director

Scott K., Account Supervisor

Aaron K., Associate Creative Director

Kevin K., Brand Marketing Director

Scott K., Business Consultant

Nic K., Consultant

Ted K., Creative Director

Bill K., Creative Director

Jason K., Creative Director

brian K., Creative Director / Copywriter

William K., Creative Director / Copywriter

Brian K., Director

Kalie K., Executive Creative Director

Andrew K., Executive Producer

Liberty K., Marketing and Event Coordinator

Sarah K., Marketing Director

Eliza Linford K., Marketing Leader

Courtney K., Marketing Manager

Nerijus K., Not Stated

Nicole K., Not Stated

Courtney K., Not Stated

Dark K., Not Stated

Jerry K., Owner

Kim K., Owner

Steven K., Owner / Chief Creative Officer

Holly E. K., Owner / Creative Director

Joshua K., Partner

Jonas K., Partner / Writer and Producer

Stephen K., Photographer

David K., Not Stated

David K., Sales and Marketing Manager

Stephanie K., Not Stated

Chris K., Not Stated

Nancy K., Not Stated

Loretta K., Not Stated

Loretta K., Not Stated

Jay K., Not Stated

Mackenzie K., Not Stated

Suzanne K., Not Stated

Candice L., Associate

Greg L., Board of Directors, Design Leadership Chair

Stacey L., Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Francoise L., CMO | Strategies & Sales

Tania L., Content and Creative Strategy Director

Laura L., Copywriter / Partner

Keith L., Creative Director

Jolene L., creative resource director

Brandon L., Director of Marketing / PR

Beth L., Founder / Principal

Davis L., Founder Partner

Loryn L., Managing Partner

Olivia L., Marketing Specialist

Hilda L., Media Buyer/Planner

Siew L., Not Stated

Kaylee L., Not Stated

Danny L., Not Stated

Sam L., Not Stated

Zayne L., Not Stated

Jenn L., Owner

Evan L., Owner / Designer

Marc L., Partner / Chief Creative Officer

David L., Partner / Development Manager

Elizabeth L., Recruiter

Kathryn L., Senior Account Executive

Gary L., Senior Manager / Product Development

Kevin L., Senior Manager of Demand / Digital Marketing

Marcella L., Senior Marketing Manager

Rick L., Senior Vice President, Managing Director

Robert L., Technology and Digital Strategy Consultant

Paul L., Tenacious Problem Solver

Oscar L., UX Lead IBM PartnerWorld

Tobi L., Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

Justin L., Vice President / Sales and Business Development

Suzanne L., Not Stated

Megan L., Not Stated

Megan L., Not Stated

Erika L., Not Stated

Matthew L., Not Stated

Abe L., Not Stated

Scott M., Art Director, Graphic Designer

Jenni M., Assistant Account Executive

Kirsten M., Assistant Vice President

Kevin M., Business Owner

Kerstin M., Career and Transition Coach

Kevin M., CEO

Mario M., CEO / Founder

Rory M., CEO / Owner

Jason M., Contract Creative Director / Marketing Expert

Lori M., Contract Project Manager

Colleen M., Copy Chief

Rob M., Creative Director

Matthew M., Creative Director

Jessica M., Creative Director

Roland M., Creative Director

Chris M., Creative Director

Dane M., Designer

Holli M., Director of Client Services

Mary M., Director of Industry Relations

Jan M., Director of Marketing

Jeffery M., Executive Creative Director

Amanda M., Founder

Beverly M., Founder + CEO

Jim M., Graphic Designer

Elijah M., Managing Partner

Joe M., Marketing / Business Development

John M., Marketing Communications Manager

Sylvia M., Marketing Manager

Chelsea M., Marketing Manager

Paul M., Marketing Manager

Doug M., Marketing Manager, Direct to Consumer Advertising

Perla M., NA

Rodney M., Not Stated

Logan M., Not Stated

Robert M., Not Stated

Leomar M., Not Stated

Rosas M., Not Stated

Devin M., Not Stated

Christian M., Not Stated

Dianna M., Not Stated

Alicia M., Not Stated

Tyla M., Not Stated

Jenny M., Not Stated

Rachel M., Office Manager

Laree M., Owner

Dane M., Owner

Jacob M., Owner

Scott M., Partner

Ginn M., Not Stated

Vince M., Not Stated

Velvet M., Not Stated

Holly M., Not Stated

Michele M., Not Stated

Angela M., President, Chief Creative

Lori M., Product Marketing Manager

Jackie M., Project Manager

Scott R M., Senior Business Analyst

Mary M., Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Jose M., Social Media Management, Content Creation, Online-Marketing, Lead Generation.

Sharon M., Strategic Planning / Marketing Consultant

Mike M., Vice President Sales and Consulting

Michael M., VP Creative Director

Steven M., Not Stated

Gabriel M., Not Stated

Daniel M., Not Stated

Yasmin M., Not Stated

Kate M., Not Stated

Luis Alberto M., Not Stated

Angelica M., Not Stated

Desiree M., Not Stated

Bridget M., Not Stated

Kate M., Not Stated

Sandy M., Not Stated

Heidi Ambuehl M., Not Stated

Noemi M., Not Stated

James M., Not Stated

Alejandra M., Not Stated

Victoria M., Not Stated

Linda M., Not Stated

Joe M., Not Stated

Thomas M., Not Stated

Ben M., Not Stated

Caroline M., Not Stated

Kevin M., Not Stated

Aaliyah M., Not Stated

Marci N., Channel Marketing Manager

Cindy N., Co-Owner

Brooke N., Copywriter

David N., Creative Director | Vice President

Jackie N., Director of Accounts

Casey Clark N., Executive Director

Ben N., Founder, Executive Creative / Director

Raymond N., Global Creative Director

Johnny N., Not Stated

Stephen N., Senior Producer & Owner

Kelly N., SVP WW Creative

Kristiana N., Not Stated

Ronald N., Not Stated

Vicky N., Not Stated

Gabriel N., Not Stated

Noelle N., Not Stated

Penny N., Not Stated

Rebecca N., Not Stated

Rene N., Not Stated

Kim N., Not Stated

Dan O., Creative Director

Kevin O., Creative Director

Troy O., Founder

Jim O., Managing Director - HLK Denver

Amy O., Marketing & Public Relations

Molly O., Marketing Media Manager

Twochains O., Not Stated

Sydney O., Not Stated

Arynn O., Not Stated

Craig O., Owner & Creative Director

Megan O., Not Stated

Courtney O., Senior Digital Project Manager

Martha O., Not Stated

Maria O., Not Stated

Jonathan O., Not Stated

Kaitlin P., Account Director

Star P., Brand Marketing Manager

Blake P., Co-Founder / Board of Directors

Michelle P., Corporate Account Executive

Fiona P., Creative Director

Hernan P., Creative Director

Leslie P., Creative Director / Principal

Jennifer P., Diversity Talent Acquisition Manager

David P., Financial Analyst

Tyler P., Financial Representative Intern

Laurie P., Marketing and Brand Manager

Jen P., Marketing Director / Managing Partner

Candice P., Marketing Manager

Rachel P., Marketing Manager

Ben P., Marketing Manager

Teddy P., Not Stated

Anton P., Not Stated

Kristen P., Not Stated

Aaron P., President

Mike P., President

Brian P., President / CEO

Rusty P., President / Creative Director

Gary P., Senior Art Director

Domingo P., Senior Copywriter

John P., Senior Corporate Marketing Manager

Mike P., Senior Developer

Scott P., Senior Marketing Manager

Seth P., Vice President Retail / International

Ann P., Vice President, Strategy

Lena P., Visual Development

Annette P., Not Stated

Jasmin P., Not Stated

Lindsey P., Not Stated

Claudia P., Not Stated

Danny P., Not Stated

Adam P., Not Stated

Adriana P., Not Stated

Jessica P., Not Stated

Brad P., Not Stated

Elizabeth P., Not Stated

Warren Q., Creative Director

Mike Q., Not Stated

Dyana Q., Paid Search Strategist

Brian R., Account Manager

Cheryl R., Business Owner/ Personal Chef

Rebecca R., CEO

Andrea R., Chief Operations Officer

Harley R., Contributing Writer

Jose Antonio R., COO / Partner

Lisa R., Copywriter

Kris R., Creative Director

ElizaBETH R., Creative Director

Doug R., Creative Director

Grant R., Creative Director / Partner

Melissa R., Creative Director / Principal

Brian R., Founder

Dan R., Founder

Vidhya R., Global Brand and Partner Marketing

Hannah  R., Lead Project Manager

Andrea R., Managing Director

Ken R., Managing Partner

Liseanne R., Marketing / Sales

René R., Marketing Communications Planner

Tom R., Not Stated

paul R., Not Stated

Jonni R., Owner

George R., Owner

Danielle R., Owner

Bruce R., Owner/Photographer

Toby R., Partner

Ana R., Not Stated

Emily R., Not Stated

Jean R., Not Stated

Deron R., Not Stated

Anjai R., Not Stated

Jijo R., Not Stated

Eric R., Not Stated

Rob R., President

John R., President

Randy R., President / Co-Founder

Ellen R., President/CEO

Mike R., Principal/Chief Creative Officer

Michael R., Project Manager

Derrick D. R., Project Traffic Manager

David R., Sales and Marketing Manager

Casey R., Senior Account Executive

Jeff R., Senior Creative Director

Claudia R., Senior Financial Manager

Merry R., Senior Marketing Manager

Leonard R., Not Stated

Alexandria R., Not Stated

Kevin R., Not Stated

Mary R., Not Stated

Rafael R., Not Stated

Steven R., Not Stated

Tania R., Not Stated

Lora R., Not Stated

Virginia R., Not Stated

Troy S., Advertising Sales Executive

Mike S., Art Director

Christian S., Associate Creative Director

Garrett S., Associate Marketing Manager

Wendy S., Brand Partner

Marieke S., Brand Strategist

Guy S., CD

Charles S., CEO

Joe S., CEO / North America

Elizabeth S., Chair, Track and Trace Committee

Ciro S., Chief Creative Officer

Karen S., Chief Marketing Officer

Ronna S., Chief Operating Officer

nancy S., Client Services Director

Eric S., Clinical Effectiveness Associate

Jordan S., Copywriter

Rob S., Course Instructor

Glen S., Creative Director

Rich S., Creative Director

David S., Creative Director

Mary S., Creative Director / Copywriter

Ann S., Creative Director/Art Director/Creative Manager

Dan S., Custom Website Design

Tina S., Digital and Social Media Strategist

Helith S., Director Marketing | Director Product Management | Corporate Strategy | Marketing Director

Dawn S., Director of Career Services

Kim S., Director of Client Services

Michael S., EVP / Chief Marketing Officer

Peter S., Executive Board Member / Vice Chairman

Liz S., Founder

Paul J. S., Founder and President

Zachary S., freelance cg artist

Sunshine S., Freelance Creative

Chris S., Global Marketing Manager

Santi S., Group Creative Director

Patricia S., Investor

Will S., Marketing Director

Eric S., Marketing Manager

Jan S., Marketing Manager

Erick S., Marketing Manager

Emily S., Marketing Specialist

Marcia S., Member

Sheryl S., National Marketing Director

Celestina S., National Marketing Director

Terrie S., Northwest Regional Marketing Manager

Ckert S., Not Stated

Crystal S., Not Stated

Lauren S., Not Stated

Corey S., Not Stated

Trudy S., Not Stated

Flik S., Not Stated

Jayme S., Not Stated

Dylan S., Not Stated

Landan S., Not Stated

Kristen S., Not Stated

Brett S., Not Stated

Jay S., Not Stated

Brianna S., Not Stated

Meredith S., Not Stated

Ami S., Owner

Jim S., Owner

Steven c S., Partner / Chief Operating Officer

Jon S., Partner / Co-Creative Director

Bob S., Not Stated

Debbie S., Not Stated

Patrick S., Not Stated

Evan S., Not Stated

Nikki S., Not Stated

Brian S., Principal | CEO

Damian S., Professional Speaker & Consultant

Rebecca S., Sales and Marketing Director

George S., Sales and Marketing Management

Whitney S., Sales and Marketing Manager

Jordan S., Senior Brand Strategist

Thomas S., SEO Consultant

Cliff S., SVP Group Creative Director

Gregg S., VP/CD

Liliana S., Not Stated

Valerie S., Not Stated

Valerie S., Not Stated

Maria S., Not Stated

Christina S., Not Stated

Tori S., Not Stated

Tori S., Not Stated

Trevor S., Not Stated

Jan S., Not Stated

Ross Taylor S., Not Stated

Steve S., Not Stated

Laura S., Not Stated

Andrea S., Not Stated

Andrea S., Not Stated

Addison S., Not Stated

Nicole S., Not Stated

Matt T., CD

Bob T., CMO

Jenn T., CMO

Nicolas T., CMO / Vice President Marketing

Ruben T., Copyeditor

Katie Knox T., Copywriter

Grant T., Creative Director

Jacqueline T., Director of Marketing

Michael T., Director of Sales and Marketing

Virginia T., Events and Marketing Manager

Judy T., Executive Director

Lyndi T., Integrated Marketing Manager

Agata T., Manager / Social Media and Public Relations

Jessica T., Marketing Communications Management,

Caryn T., North America Sales Marketing Manager

Jon T., Not Stated

Mana T., Not Stated

Vehbi T., Not Stated

Lastarus T., Not Stated

Marelba T., Owner

Owen T., Owner

Josh T., Owner

Barbara T., Owner/Recruiter

Susan T., Partner/Creative Director

Heather T., Not Stated

Sharon T., Not Stated

Michael T., President

Lindsey Gregory T., President & Lead Designer

Doug T., Strategic Project Manager

Rhea T., Not Stated

Susan T., Not Stated

Justin T., Not Stated

Ivan T., Not Stated

Ross T., Not Stated

Trenzio T., Not Stated

Chris U., Agent

Jay Jordan U., Business Development Manager

Katie U., Not Stated

Nate V., Chief Technologist

Kurt V., Creative Director

Heather V., Creative Director

Melinda V., Director of Marketing

Kavin V., Not Stated

Steve A. V., Sales Executive

Mark V., Senior Production Artist

Amy V., Staff Writer

Lynne V., Vice President / Senior Marketing Manager

Cristina V., Not Stated

Meky W., Art Director

Doug W., Assistant VP Marketing

Brady W., CEO

Christopher W., CEO & Founder

Rob W., Co-Founder

Carmen W., Content Coordinator

Robert W., Creative Director

Tom Blakeslee W., Creative Director

Lindsay W., Creative Director

Alan W., Creative Director

Christi W., Creative Director / Principal

Christopher W., Creative Supervisor

Renae W., Director of Marketing

Tracey W., Director of Marketing

Greg W., Director of Marketing and Communications

Kyle W., Founder / Social Media Principal

Scott W., Independent Marketing Consultant

Amy W., Manager of Operations

Faith W., Manager User Experience Group Lead

Lisa W., Marketing Manager

Jeff W., Not Stated

Mary W., Not Stated

Jacob W., Not Stated

Dylan W., Not Stated

Tatiana W., Online Reputation Management

Daniel W., Owner

Kathy W., Owner

Gary W., Not Stated

Paul W., Not Stated

Marc W., President

Peggy W., Production Designer

Mark W., Project Manager

Neal W., Senior Creative Director

Ruth W., Senior Manager / Marketing

Ron M. W., Senior Marketing Manager

Kay W., Strategy Director

Michelle W., Vice President

Renee W., Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Yvette W., Not Stated

Maranda W., Not Stated

Jessamyn W., Not Stated

Ashley W., Not Stated

Riley W., Not Stated

Jamie W., Not Stated

Laura W., Not Stated

Matthew W., Not Stated

Bob W., Not Stated

Leslie W., Not Stated

Alan Y., Creative Director / Copywriter

Steve Y., Founder / Creative Director

Hannah Y., Freelance Writer

Heather Y., Not Stated

Daisy Y., Not Stated

Cole Z., Account Supervisor

Greg Z., Account Supervisor

Lucas Z., Creative Director

John Z., Creative Director

Josh Z., Creative Director

Steve Z., Creative Director

Gustavo Z., Head of Art

Michael Z., Interactive Creative Director

Mark Z., Not Stated

Susan Z., Not Stated

Jeff Z., Owner

Stefani Z., Partner and Creative Director

Shelby Z., Project Manager

Andy Z., Sr.Compliance Analyst-Advertising and Marketing

Fred G., Author

This judge selected the winner correctly in 4 categories.

★★★★ Four Star Judge

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Shad B., Digital Marketing Manager

This judge selected the winner correctly in 5 categories.

★★★★★ Five Star Judge

Cate H., Marketing Director

Shannon A., Marketing Manager

Ray M., Marketing Manager

Sarah M., Marketing Manager

Cornelia S., Marketing Manager

Amy R., Marketing Professional

Emma C., Media Strategist

Brittany S., Media Strategist

Pam S., Member Board of Directors

Kris G., Owner

Douglas H., Owner

Mike S., Owner

Daria F., Owner / President

Gary P., Owner / Sales and Marketing

Steven S., Partner / Chief Operating Officer

Krista C., President

Michelle L., President / Creative Director

Ken S., President and CEO

Brad D., Principal

Don G., Principal / Creative Director

Trae W., Principal + Director of Strategic Planning

Dena D., Product Marketing Manager

Chelsea R., Product Marketing Manager

Amy W., Sales and Marketing Manager

Colin C., Senior Copywriter

Nate D., Senior Copywriter

Creighton F., Senior Designer

Nelson F., Senior Manager / Business Development

Barbara W., Senior Marketing / Sales Management

Aarti M., Senior Marketing Manager

Erin W., Senior Marketing Manager

Tom H., Senior Partner / Executive Creative Director

Regan O., Software Developer

Buddy M., Sr. Vice President, CMO

Andrew J., SVP / Group Creative Director

Shawn L., Vertical Marketing Campaign Manager

Matthew H., Not Stated

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