We host the AAB Showcase advertising competition

We create source books for marketing managers

We visually show agency creative work

We provide attribution, contact information and links

Agencies select their own work, not a judge

We promote our books to marketing decision makers

Each city has their own book, covering all 10 categories, and including an index of participating agencies, with links.

Top agency creative work all in one place.

American Ad Books

American Ad Books provides exposure for your best creative and a process where you select the work - not a judge from across the country.

American Ad Books then circulates work through our AAB Showcase Awards program - continuous exposure to marketing professionals.

Best of all, getting listed is turnkey. You tell us you want a free proof, and we harvest your creative work from your public website.

This is very exciting.

For the first time you have a source book which visually shows you the best marketing creative work in your city and the country.

What you will discover is that there are far more creative agencies than you may have expected, and that using our agency referral links, you can quickly set up a discussion about your next project.

The two best places to start are the

City Books and the Category Books.

If you have any questions, contact

Greg Clow, our editor/publisher at greg@americanadbooks.com

For Agency Heads

For Marketing Managers


American Ad Books

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2016 Portland Ad Book updated and released

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What we do:

American Ad Books has two goals: to help marketing managers find the best creative match for their needs, and for agencies to display their best work in a place where it can be easily seen and appreciated.

To accomplish this, we have created City Books, where marketing managers who wish to stay local can quickly discover and contact their closest agencies.

We offer City Books, as well as Category Books.

We have also created Category Books, which include work from many cities, but which represent the best work in that category.

Our books are online and in print.

You can access any of our books online at any time. The larger books can be seen as flip books, and they are searchable and zoomable. Agency contact information is clickable.

The print books are available for cities, and are released in October.

The online flip book is ideal for browsing on a desktop computer or tablet.

No new formatting, no additional studio time, and no added expense.

You receive a PDF proof by email, and you use “yes/no” radio buttons to select the items you want to show.

If you choose to add new work, that can be done at any time.

Category Books contain

contact information for

agencies from multiple cities.