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Every category participant (9 per category) are guaranteed to be included in the Winners Annual - you can’t be excluded.

Act before November 30th

Once we receive your order, we will contact you to select your category and review next steps.

When you enter, this is what we do to champion your work:

30 days of marketing judges reviewing your work online


100 client prospects of your choice asked to review your work


Dedicated case study webpage linked to your entry


Full page in 2018 Winners Annual including case study and links


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If you order by November 30th, we will include a full page ad for your agency in the 2017 Winners Annual




Branding/Logo Design

Poster - Vertical

Package Design

Linked In tells us that we can speak directly to 96,683 professionals in the Marketing and Advertising community.

That means we can personally (1 to 1) contact those clients you are interested in – as a 3rd party. We can make them aware of the work you enter in the AAB Showcase Awards, and provide them a link.

Once they see the quality of your creative, read your case study, and click on the link to your home page - you’ve got them where you want them.

Our system has been proven to work over 1,000 times - all you need to do is enter.

Agency Home Page Design


Outdoor Billboards - Horizontal

Web Design

:30 Television

After you purchase, you can choose to enter any of these 10 categories:

“One agency head told us, ‘We don’t need help contacting the people who answer our phone calls. We need help with the ones who don’t.’ Well, that’s what we do.”   – Greg Clow, Director