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Tired of paying an entry fee without a guarantee you’ll make the Winners annual? AAB Showcase guarantees it. Each entry will be seen in the Winners Annual.

8 Categories, 9 positions each.

Our categories run 1 at a time, in succession.

Starting at just $49.99, the AAB Showcase Awards present your best creative work to 500 national marketing judges – guaranteed.

We have positions available in all 8 categories.

Purchase your entry today, and we will notify you when your category is full and ready to go live.



More detail on value metrics:

Priced from $49.99 an entry. You may purchase your space at any time. When a category is full, we open a new category in its place.

Please choose your category below.

500 Judges = 1,000 Eyes

Our client judges are made up of brand managers, chief marketing officers, and company presidents – the people who purchase creative work.

Today we have over 1,000 marketing judges, of which 500 review each of our 8 categories.

Each entrant is provided with a “2nd Page.”
This helps tell the story behind the creative, and gives the agency a chance to promote themselves and encourage marketing judges to click on their “Agency Home Page” link.

Our agency judges are creative directors and agency heads from across the country – the people who create the work which grow business.

Our number of judges is going up, and prices will follow. Purchasing your spot in your category now will grandfather in the current low entry prices.

The measure of our success is when agencies receive inquiries from interested parties. We have facilitated 896 connections to date - you could be next.

If you have a suggestion for how we can better help you, please use the link below to ask a question, or give a suggestion.
Thank you for your support.

Our goal is to connect agencies to clients through the showcasing of great creative.

Metrics and reporting are included with each entry. The numbers prove out the funneling process, and the success of each piece.

The AAB Showcase Awards follow a decision tree structure:

  1. 1)Judges are first screened on Linked In and asked to participate based on their backgrounds.

  2. 2)As marketing judges review the entrant template, they decide which agencies to learn more about.

  3. 3)They read the “2nd Page” and then choose to click on the agency home page link.

  4. 4)Brand managers connect with agency heads through agency website connection

We have facilitated 896 of these connections to date.

Greg Clow | Director | AAB Showcase Awards

Judge by your peers, and by your prospects.

Actual portion of our report to a previous category winner.