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2016 Boise Ad Book updated and released

2016 Seattle Ad Book updated and released

2016 Portland Ad Book updated and released

Inaugural 2016 San Francisco Ad Book announced

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Salt Lake City

San Diego


City Ad Books

Self-selected best work from our participating cities.

San Francisco

Los Angeles


Ad Book to come

Ad Book to come

If you are interested in hiring an agency close to home, or whether you have heard from a friend that there is some great work going on in another town, this is the place to look.

Each City Book covers all ten categories, as well as including contact information for the participating agencies, “About Us” pages and “Campaign Spreads” where applicable.

If your favorite agency isn’t listed, ask them “Why not?”

For Marketing Managers

This is your chance to stand out in your own neighborhood. You know you’ve done some quality work - and here is where you let the rest of the industry - and potential clients - know.

Don’t see your city? Use the link below to let us know and we will get your listing started.

For Agency Heads